SolarMax MH

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SolarMax MH Bulbs

Designed with the grower in mind! All SolarMax Metal Halide Grow Lights are manufactured in Germany by an ISO certified factory with over 40 years experience in HPS and MH lamp technology — ensures the highest quality and optimized performance.

In younger plants it is the blue spectrum (between 380 nm – 520 nm) that is the most crucial. SolarMax delivers 30% more “nutritious” light radiation than standard lamps. The result — more vigorous, vegetative growth and stronger roots during the important early stages of a plant’s development. One year warranty.

400 Watt – 32,000 initial lumens
600 Watt (Veg Conversion) – 55,000 initial lumens
1000 Watt – 85,000 initial lumens

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