Slug Off

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Slug Off
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Slug Off Copper Barrier

Works even when wet! Slug Off keeps garden slugs from attacking plants by creating a small electrical charge which repels them. This is caused by a chemical reaction of the pests’ own body fluids with the copper barrier. Acts like an electrical fence to stop slugs and snails in their tracks!

When assembled, SlugOff creates a 4″ circle of plant protection. Multiple units may be connected together for larger areas. Environmentally safe, non-toxic and completely reusable. Made in the U.S.A.

Each package contains FIVE (15″ each) copper strips.


Step 1: Place around the stem of any plant that you wish to protect.

Step 2: Fasten the ends together so that each of the two holes end up on the inside wall of the circle.

Step 3: Press into the ground so that there are no gaps beneath the barrier for slugs to crawl under.

Step 4: Once in place, check inside the barrier for slugs hiding at ground level or on the protected plant.

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