HP2 (Liquid Bat Guano)

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HP2 (Liquid Bat Guano)
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Roots Organics HP2 (Liquid Bat Guano)

This exceptional liquid bat guano (0-4-0) is a specially extracted source of organic phosphorous. Ideal for the hobbyist and professional gardener, Roots Organics HP2 is minimally processed to preserve all of the benefits and amazing synergistic qualities found in this natural plant food. Carefully collected from specific global sources and distilled into a unique, easy-to-use formula. Great for soil grown plants or hydroponics.

Shake well. Use 1 Tbsp per gallon, particularly during fruiting or flowering.

Guaranteed Analysis (0-4-0):
Available Phosphate ….. 4.0%

Feeding Schedule (PDF)
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Ingredients: Bat guano.