Coco Palms

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1.5 cu. ft. Bag

Roots Organics Coco Palms 1

Made from composted coconut husks! Roots Organics Coco Palms (low EC coir) is meticulously washed to remove excess sodium and comes ready-to-use right out of the bag. Premium aged and composted for 24 months, it contains a near perfect pH level (5.2 to 6.3) for optimum nutrient uptake and a deliberately enhanced mix of coir fibers for an ideal air to water ratio. Perfect for indoor or outdoor gardening!

Mix into your outdoor potting soils, or into your indoor potting mix for amazing results! May also be used to amend garden soils and is perfect for ALL conatiner grown plants.

Ingredients: Expanded loose-buffered coir fiber and dust.