Root Shooters Plant Plugs

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Root Shooters Plant Plugs 1

Developed as a result of a joint research project between Jiffy and Advanced Nutrients, Root Shooters are the perfect plant plugs for propagating cuttings and seeds. The ultimate rooting medium, they’re made by combining a superior peat-based media with a proprietary binder that holds it all together.

Unique Features:
• No gels or powders needed
• Roots automatically — all the work is already done!
• Easy to use — just cut and stick!
• Improves your success rate
• 100% guaranteed

Ready to use, just cut and stick! NO gels or powders needed.

Grower’s Tip:
This uniform substrate creates the ideal ratio of peat to air and helps avoid disease and pH issues you’d normally see with bark-based mediums. As a result, your plants root faster and grow stronger, which translates to better yields.

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