Rock Phosphate

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50 lb Bag

Rock Phosphate (50 lb) 1

An organic, untreated Soft Rock Phosphate (0-3-0) with colloidal clay containing valuable trace minerals in addition to phosphorus. Since phosphorus is lacking in most soils, applications are a must for superior results. Contains a minimum of 3% available (and a minimum of 20% total) phosphoric acid (P2O5) and 20% Calcium (Ca). OMRI Listed for use in organic production.

Once applied, rock phosphate remains in the soil until used by the plants – will not leach. Ideal for fruiting and flowering plants, it stimulates strong root formation, hastens crop maturity and encourages earthworms and soil bacteria.

Broadcast 50 lbs. per 1,000 square feet or side dress around existing plants.

Grower’s Tip:
Calphos is fast-acting, similar to a superphosphate, and is relatively insoluble… so it will provide amazing results for a long time!