Glass Cleaner

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Glass Cleaner

Restores the original sparkle and shine to all glass and plexiglass surfaces. This ready to use, non-toxic and fume free Glass Cleaner powerfully removes dirt, soil and grime from windows, mirrors, table tops, stainless steel, and counter-tops without the hazardous ingredients found in other cleaners. Will not streak or cloud.


Spray on surface to be cleaned. Wipe off with non-treated paper towels, clean soft rags or squeegee on glass, stainless steel, computers, desks, mirrors or any surface not harmed by water. To avoid scratching, use only a soft cloth on plexiglass.

Ingredients: Made of corn based renewable cleaning agents, abundant minerals and water, which are rapidly biodegradable and sewer and septic safe.

This product is safer for persons with asthma and allergies, containing no ammonia or OSHA listed hazardous ingredients and no suspected carcinogens.

Never tested on animals.

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