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ReadyGro Aeration Formula 1

Naturally Superior! Botanicare ReadyGro Aeration Formula is a soilless organic-based planting media specifically designed for gardens that require multiple waterings daily. Contains 60% coir fiber and 40% perlite, so it’s virtually impossible to over water plants with this mix.

Remarkably light and porous, this popular soilless mix resists compaction while delivering growth enhancing micronutrients and cell-building supplements plants love. Perfect for fruits, flowers, vegetables, houseplants, orchids, cacti and succulents.

Available size: 1.5 cu ft Bag

Perfect for container gardens, self-watering pots and planters, and hydrogardens.

Fill planter 1/2 to 3/4 full with ReadyGro Formula and transplant into container. Fill remainder of pot with soilless mix and apply water and plant food — fully drenching the media until run-off is achieved. For best results, apply necessary plant food with every watering. For container gardens, water with plant food 4-6 times per day. Periodically leach out excess nutrient salts in media with Clearex or pure water.

Ingredients: Double-sieved (3/4″) coir fiber, perlite, earthworm castings, silica clay, seaweed meal, sea weed extract, humic acid (derived from leonardite), compost and beneficial fungi.