Rapid Rooter Plugs

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Rapid Rooter Plugs
Rated 5 out of 5.
Rapid Rooter Plugs

See amazing seedling germination and transplant success for cuttings with Rapid Rooter Plugs! They are created from composted organic materials, and maintain the perfect air-to-water ratio. This oxidation in the root zone coupled with beneficial microbes leads to explosive growth and robust root systems.

Unique Features:
• Perfect air to water ratio
• Enriched with micronutrients and populations of beneficial bacteria
• Unique mix of organic materials
• Faster germination and transplant success
• Explosive root development

Available size: 50-Pack

Grower’s Tip:
Use a micronutrient foliar spray prior to taking cuttings from the mother plant. This will saturate the cuttings with the micronutrients necessary for early growth and will improve the health of clones.

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