Rapid Rooter

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Rapid Rooter Tray

Germinate seeds or cuttings… fast! The breakthrough technology used in Rapid Rooter results in a unique matrix of composted organic material bound together by plant-derived polymers. The media offers an ideal environment for starting seedlings or stem cuttings, aided by high oxygen-to-water ratios, as well as micronutrients and beneficial bacteria.

General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter is created through a scientifically controlled process which produces large populations of beneficial microbes in the plug media. These naturally occurring beneficial microbes colonize young roots and help plants to maximize nutrient uptake. The optimal air-to-water ratio within the plug matrix causes explosive early root growth.

Available size: 50-Pack Tray

Just place seeds or cuttings into the hole in the top of the plug. It’s that easy!

Grower’s Tip:
Every plant species requires a different temperature for germination. Using a seedling heat mat to maintain optimal temperatures in the root zone will increase root growth and germination rates.

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