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Plant Dehydrant. SuperNatural Quality Cure maximizes potency, flavor and color of your dried herbs. Also reduces curing time and odor by limiting the break down of the essential oils during drying.

A natural plant dehydrant reversing the transpiration of water from the flowers and leaves, down through the stem and back into the growing medium. Removing excess water from the plant material prevents essential oils from breaking down “sweating out” during drying time.

Unique Features:
• High quality fragrance & flavor
• Desirable color
• Faster curing time
• Maximizes potency
• Ensures product is of freshest quality, stronger fragrance
• Can be used with any growing medium
• Safely & quickly removes excess water

Available size: 500 Gram Tub

Apply Quality Cure 6-12 hours before harvest (6 hours for smaller plants, 12 hours for larger plants).

Mix 3 Tbsp per 4 liters (1 gallon) of water. May be mixed concentrated in hot water for faster dissolving. Then added to the final volume of water.

Thoroughly soak plant roots in solution with lights off for 6-12 hours before harvest.

Terra Feeding Program – PDF format
Aqua Feeding Program – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
It is recommended NOT to re-use growing medium after using this product.