Pure Earth

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Pure Earth Potting Soil 1

Indoor Aeration Formula. Organicare Pure Earth is an organic-based potting soil specially formulated for indoor applications. A premium blend of all natural ingredients, this product will insure that your plants receive all the benefits that only organics can provide.

Unique Features:
• Optimum air to water ratio for indoor gardens
• Optimum cation exchange capacity
• All natural ingredients
• High porosity — increases oxygen to the root zone

Available size: 1.5 cu ft Bag

Fill container and moisten prior to planting. Shake excess soil from roots and add plant to container — cover roots with media. Gently compress around plant roots and fertilize as needed.

Ingredients: Coir fiber, composted forest product, compost, pumice, perlite, humic acid (Humega – derived from leonardite ore), seaweed (Seaplex – derived from Ascophyllum nodosum), fish meal, alfalfa meal, composted poultry litter (Pure) and earthworm castings.

Product Brochure – PDF format
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