Produce Wash

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Produce Wash 1

When you can’t buy organic! Biokleen Produce Wash effectively removes chemical sprays, waxes, soils and other unhealthy pollutants from fruits and vegetables. Rinses completely and leaves NO residue or taste behind. Very concentrated — just a few drops go a long way!

Available size: 16 oz Bottle


Soak Method – For broccoli, lettuce, grapes and other bulk produce: Add 1 Tbsp to each pint (16 oz) of water. Allow produce to soak for 2 minutes. Swish in solution then rinse thoroughly.

Direct Method – For apples, oranges, melons, tomatoes, poultry, eggs, cutting boards, food containers, hands, etc., apply full strength. Rub or scrub with veggie brush allowing food to soak for one minute. Rinse thoroughly.

Ingredients: Lime extracts, grapefruit seed and pulp extracts, coconut surfactants, cold pressed orange oil and pure filtered water.

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