Premium Gold (4-4-4)

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Dr. Earth Premium Gold

Looking for straight forward plant nutrition that’s great at any stage, all season long? Dr. Earth Premium Gold All-Purpose fertilizer (4-4-4) will give your plants a great foundation and promote essential soil microbe health!

• Suitable for vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs
• Effective for annuals and perennials
• Use any time of the year. No guesswork with application timing!
• Prebiotics and aloe vera concentrate boost soil microbes!
• Balanced formula promotes even, gentle growth

Available in 24-oz. liquid concentrate and 32-oz. hose end spray bottle.


Concentrate: Mix 4 Tbsp (2 oz) per gallon of water and apply as a foliar spray or apply directly to the soil around the base of plants. Apply every two weeks for maximum results.

Hose End Spray: Attach to your garden hose and spray desired area. Apply every two weeks for maximum results. Each bottle covers up to 1200 sq. ft.

Ingredients: Fish meal, fish bone meal, mined potassium sulfate, soft rock phosphate, kelp meal, seaweed extract, and earthworm castings. Also contains humic acid (5%), aloe vera (2%), and yucca extract (1%), and prebiotic microbial food — soluble sugars (7%).

Grower’s Tip:
Plants respond better to a regular fertilization schedule throughout the growing season rather than a few strong applications.