PeakBoost (1-14-0)

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FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States

Unlock the phosphorus your plants need for prime bloom production and performance with PeakBoost! This perfectly balanced, natural concentrate stimulates plant hormone and vitamin production that developing flowers need, but won’t lock up essential nutrients like other fertilizers. Say goodbye to huge inputs and mediocre harvests!

Unique Features:
• Premium nutrition for flower development, providing vastly better yields
• Bioavailable nutrients make growth fast and efficient!
• Precise application timing saves time, money and confusion
• Clean formula doesn’t build up in nutrient delivery systems
• Organic acids can notch down a high pH — naturally
• Less guesswork — dosage easily adapts to the bloom schedule of any plant

Available in 250ml and 500ml sizes.

Mix 6 to 16 ml per 5 gallons for a regular feeding or 2.5 ml per liter for a foliar spray. Can be used with calcium supplements; thoroughly mix in one solution before adding the second.

Aptus ‘Extreme’ Feed Schedule – PDF format
Online Nutrient Calculator (external link)

Grower’s Tip:
Use increased amounts while the plant is in bloom for improved results. This concentrate can also be used to decrease the pH of the growing medium.

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