Parsley, Triple Curled (Organic)

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Parsley, Triple Curled
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Closely curled dark-green leaves. Nutritious fast-growing uniform strain. Parsley is high in vitamins and minerals. Holds very well at harvesting stage. A favorite! (Biennial grown as an annual) CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Learn How to Grow Parsley here.

Each packet contains approximately 250 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
This popular culinary herb requires well drained rich soil and afternoon shade, especially in hot climates, to grow well. Soak seeds overnight prior to planting and sow directly into prepared beds — 1/4 inch deep — in early spring. Thin seedlings 6- to 8-inches apart and water as needed to ensure healthy growth.

Harvest when plants produce leaves with at least three branches. Best used fresh, but dries well and can be stored in the freezer too. To dry, tie cuttings in small bunches and hang upside down in a well-ventilated, dark area. Store dried leaves in air tight jars and crush or grind just before use.

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