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  • Clonex Clone Solution

    Clonex Solution

    Encourages rapid root development while helping to minimize plant stress.

    $24.95 $22.95
  • EZ-Clone Cloning Collars

    Cloning Collars (Hard)

    Engineered to protect and hold your delicate cuttings upright in the lid.

    $17.95 $14.95
  • EZ-Clone Cloning Collars

    Cloning Collars (Soft)

    Holds and protects new cuttings without damaging tender plant tissue.

    $17.95 $14.95
  • Clothes Moth Alert 1

    Clothes Moth Alert

    Helps to protect your clothing and furnishings from costly pest damage.

    $8.50 $6.95
  • Clover Sprouting Seed


    Chock-full of vitamins and isoflavones — known for their anti-cancer properties!

    $5.50 $4.50
  • MaxPar CMH Lamps

    CMH (315W, 4K)

    Ceramic metal halides have a very broad spectrum which is more similar to the sun.

    $94.95 $79.95
  • CMH Light Fixture (315W)

    CMH Fixture (315W)

    Ceramic metal halides (CMH) offer a very broad spectrum that's similar to the sun.

    $359.95 $322.50
  • CMH Light Fixture (630W)

    CMH Fixture (630W)

    Optically designed to give a balanced footprint — perfect for larger grows!

    $574.95 $474.95
  • CO2 Bag

    CO2 Bags

    Supplies a 4 x 4 garden space (128 cf) with CO2 for SIX months guaranteed.

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Analog CO2 Controller

    CO2 Controller (Analog)

    Automate CO2 gas levels with this easy to use and affordable analog device. A great value!

    $294.95 $269.95
  • Fuzzy Logic CO2 Controller (PPM-2a)

    CO2 Controller (PPM-2a)

    What sets the PPM-2a miles ahead of the competition? FUZZY LOGIC!

    $534.95 $489.95
  • CO2 Controller

    CO2 Controller w/ Fuzzy Logic

    Automatically keeps CO2 PPM amounts perfectly balanced using stored data.

    $534.95 $484.95
  • Universal CO2 Monitor

    CO2 Monitor

    Includes a SenseAir® brand gas detector — the most accurate available!

    $359.95 $344.95
  • CO2 Monitor & Controller (PPM-3)

    CO2 Monitor/ Controller (PPM-3)

    Operate any 120V burner or valve with parts per million (PPM) accuracy.

    $474.95 $429.95
  • CO2 Regulator (REG-1)

    CO2 Regulator (REG-1)

    Combines a precision regulator/ flow gauge and an industrial solenoid valve.

    $99.95 $89.95
  • CO2 System w/ Timer

    CO2 System w/ Timer

    Features a programmable timer that automatically maintains ideal levels.

    $114.95 $99.95
  • CO2 Test Kit

    CO2 Test Kit

    An inexpensive and easy to use alternative to costly electronic products.

    $21.95 $19.95
  • CO2 Tubing

    CO2 Tubing

    Drilled tubing allows you to disperse CO2 evenly throughout your garden.

    $14.95 $11.95
  • Cockroach Traps


    An inexpensive way to catch and reduce these disease-carrying scourges.

    $8.95 $6.95
  • Tall Mixed Cockscomb


    Plants stand at 24-36 in. tall and have blooms of bright pink, red and yellow.

  • Cockscomb, Amish

    Cockscomb (Organic)

    Beautiful crimson-red blossoms on compact, 12-inch tall, hardy plants.

  • CANNA Coco A & B

    Coco A & B

    Contains high value minerals that are specifically tailored for cocos substrates.

    $13.50 $12.15
  • Coco Chips

    Coco Chips

    Use to achieve the perfect balance between drainage and water retention.

    $18.95 $12.95
  • Coconut Coir Croutons

    Coco Croutons

    Porous structure allows easy root penetration, yet keeps it shape when wetted up.

    $21.50 $15.50
  • Roots Organics Coco Fiber

    Coco Fiber

    Soak compressed bale in water to expand. One 5-kilo bale makes up to 16 gallons.

    $11.95 $8.95
  • Coco Loco Potting Mix

    Coco Loco

    Holds more than its weight in water — perfect for hanging baskets, containers and more!

    $25.95 $14.95
  • Roots Organics Coco Palms

    Coco Palms

    Premium aged and composted for 24 months and contains a near perfect pH level.

    $27.95 $14.95
  • Coco Slabs 1

    Coco Slabs

    Coco Slabs are a high-quality growing medium with a fine, uniform structure.

    $11.50 $9.95
  • Coco-Wet


    An organic wetting agent used to improve the absorption rate of liquids.

    $12.95 $10.50
  • Botanicare Coco Gro Coir Fiber


    A superior product that has been double washed and aged for at least 18 months.

    $24.50 $16.50
  • Coconut Coir Brick

    Coconut Coir Fiber

    An eco-friendly peat alternative! ProCoir holds 8-9 times its weight in water.

    $4.95 $2.95
  • Coconut Body Scrub 1

    Coconut Scrub

    Juicy and invigorating! Keeps your skin soft, smooth, healthy, glowing and vibrant.

    $35.00 $28.95
  • Coconut Shower Gel

    Coconut Wash

    Contains NO harsh detergents or any other toxins that can strip or irritate.

    $18.00 $14.95
  • House & Garden Cocos


    Every coco-coir grower knows that it takes a precise nutrient formulation to get results.

    $17.95 $14.95
  • CocoTek Mats (10-Pack)

    CocoTek Mats

    Provides support for plant roots that grow through and under the media.

  • Codling Moth Traps

    Codling Moth

    Proven effective against the #1 cause of wormy apples. NO pesticides needed!

    $9.95 $7.95
  • Coil Garden Hose

    Coil (Lead-Free)

    Perfect for patio, porch or driveway! Contains NO lead and is drinking water safe.

    $54.95 $49.95
  • Cold Climate Gardening Book

    Cold Climate Gardening

    Learn valuable techniques to extend your growing season by at least 30 days!

  • Georgia Southern Creole Collard Greens

    Collard Greens

    An excellent producer and nearly impossible to kill once they get established.

  • Color Awakening Hair Bath

    Color Awakening

    A gentle cleanser made from the fatty acids of apricots and other plant sources.

    $24.00 $20.95
  • Green Plant Labels

    Color Labels (1000pk)

    Always remember what you’re growing with our multi-colored marker labels!

    $34.95 $29.95
  • Color Radiance Daily Conditioner

    Color Radiance

    This 100% color safe formula nourishes and re-energizes with a clean, leafy scent.

    $26.00 $22.50
  • Garden Apron


    This stylish design is made from 100% cotton and includes 3 mesh pockets.

    $24.95 $21.50
  • Gro'Chek Combo (HI 991404)

    Combo (HI991404)

    Continuously monitors the three most crucial nutrient ranges in hydroponics.

    $259.95 $233.95
  • Bluelab Combo Meter

    Combo Meter

    All you need for simple and reliable crop management and it’s all within arms reach.

    $309.95 $279.95
  • HANNA Combo Tester

    Combo Tester (HI98129)

    Offers highly accurate results with an easy to read LCD and automatic shut-off.

    $199.95 $185.95
  • Commercial Air Pump

    Commercial Air

    Each unit comes with multi-outlet dividers that can be individually opened or shut.

    $48.95 $42.95
  • 12 Light HID Controller

    Commercial, 12 Lights

    From one central location, a timer or other device can sync all of your ballasts.

    $439.95 $399.95
  • Commercial 8 Light Controller

    Commercial, 8 Lights

    Includes 8 plug-ins that can get juice to multiple light setups at once — safely.

    $324.95 $294.95
  • Compact Compost Tumbler

    Compact (88 gal.)

    The perfect size for families that generate 2-3 bags of material monthly.

  • Compact Pruner

    Compact Pruner

    Ideal for cutting small stems and twigs – 1/4 in. diameter and smaller.

    $14.95 $11.95
  • Rope Ratchet Light Hanger

    Compact Rope Ratchets

    Ideal for hanging reflectors, filters and other indoor gardening equipment.

    $16.95 $14.95