Organic Feeder Paks (8-4-4)

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Organic Feeder Paks

Just add one and you’re done! Xtreme Gardening Organic Feeder Paks are biodegradable, pre-measured fertilizer packets (9 grams) chock-full of high-quality organic plant food. Each pack will feed a plant for up to a year assuring maximum output of growth, vitality and color in your garden.

Organic Feeder Packs can be used on anything, from tomatoes to squash, zucchinis to peppers, and basil to oregano. Available in packages containing SIX slow-release packs.

Feeding Schedule (PDF)

It’s as easy as… one… two… three…

Step 1: Place one pack in each planting hole.
Step 2: Place transplant on top.
Step 3: Back-fill and water thoroughly.

Hanging Baskets – Use three packs per 16-inch diameter pot.

Ingredients: Feather meal, meat meal, bone meal and potassium sulfate.