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ONA Gel 1

Popular, Practical & Powerful. ONA Gel is a best seller with hydroponics and indoor gardeners. It permanently eliminates any airborne odors, cleanly and effectively and is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and easy-to-use.

ONA Gel is an industrial strength odor neutralizer, yet can be safely used around people and pets. Everyone who uses it knows… ONA works great to make bad smells disappear.

Sizes & Containers:
• Quart Jar (1-liter) – Ideal for general use; just open the lid and place where odors are prevalent.

• Gallon Pail (4-liter) – Dispense with ONA Breeze or puncture lid for light applications.

• Gallon Jar (4-liter) – Dispense with ONA Breeze.

• 5 Gallon Pail (20-liter) – Dispense with ONA Storm or use to refill smaller containers.

Available in TWO appealing scents:

Fresh Linen – A mild scent reminiscent of freshly laundered clothes.

PRO – Has virtually NO fragrance but is very powerful. It has a light scent in its container but leaves the air merely smelling fresh — like after a summer rain.

Product Brochure – PDF format
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) – PDF format

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