ONA Bleech (Part A & B)

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ONA Bleach (Part A & B) 1

A potent hydroponics cleaner! ONA Bleech was developed to super clean and remove mineral deposits in hydroponics systems from bio-film, calcium, magnesium and mineral deposits and undesirable organics.

Use to clean spaghetti lines, reservoirs, clay beds and other bed bases. 2X 1-liter jugs have the cleaning power equivalent to 200 liters (quarts) of regular bleach!

Unique Features:
Eco-friendly & Non-toxic
• Removes all bio-film, salts and unwanted organics — safely!
• Developed to SUPER CLEAN and decalcification
• Permanently eliminates airborne odors, cleanly and effectively
• Easy to flush – NO risk of residue harming plants!

Available Sizes:
Quart x 2 (A+B makes 520 gallons) and Gallon x 2 (A+B makes 2,080 gallons)

Combine equal parts of A with B, let mixture activate for 3 to 5 minutes and then add to water to make dilution (50 ppm). Circulate through system for 30 to 60 minutes. For best results, circulate for up to 12 hours. Drain tank and flush system with clean water. Dilutions of up to 2 ppm are plant safe.