Nature Series Hobby Greenhouse

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Nature Series Hobby Greenhouse 1
FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 United States

Get growing in no time! The Poly-Tex Nature Series Greenhouse features twin-wall polycarbonate panels that have twice the insulating value of single layer panels. Perfect for getting a jump on the growing season or for protecting plants well into the fall.

Available in two sizes (6′ x 6′ or 6′ x 8′) and two colors (green or silver), so you have four options to choose from. Sturdy, rust resistant aluminum frame includes downspouts which can be used to collect rainwater — a great way to conserve water!

Installation Instructions – PDF format

Unique Features:
• Includes a heavy-duty galvanized steel base kit and gutter system
• Easy to handle – Two cartons, approximately 60 lbs. each, ship by UPS
• Easy assembly – Approximately 4-5 hour setup time
• Adjustable, roof vent and swinging door provide excellent air flow
• UV stabilized, twin-wall polycarbonate panels (4 mm) provide excellent thermal insulation
• Corrosion resistant aluminum frame features strong connections that bolt together quickly
• Maximum safety — No glass to shatter or break!
• Available in 6′ & 8′ lengths
• 5-Year Warranty

Sizes & Specifications:
Width: 6′ 1″
Length: 6′-1/4″ or 8′-1/4″
Sidewall Height: 4′ 5″
Height to Apex: 7′ 1″
Frame Spacing: 24″
Glazing: 4 mm clear, twin-wall polycarbonate panels
Frame: Aluminum with galvanized steel base
Ventilation: Adjustable roof vent (1)

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Shade Cloth
70% knitted shade cloth prevents overheating and plant burn by limiting the amount of direct sunlight. Colored green with edge taping and brass grommets. Available in TWO sizes: 8′ x 8′ and 8′ x 12′

Automatic Vent Opener
Keep your greenhouse at the optimal growing temperature. Automatic Vent Openers start opening at about 65° Fahrenheit and are fully open at 80° Fahrenheit. No batteries or electricity is required. They close automatically too!

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