Furniture Polish

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Furniture Polish

A local favorite! Restore Furniture Polish cleans, polishes and protects finished wood, polished metal, finished stone, fiberglass, vinyl, polished stainless steel (not brushed stainless), and all laminated surfaces.

Use on furniture, cupboards, countertops, appliances, car interiors, file cabinets, computer equipment and office furnishings. Creates a shiny finish that resists fingerprints and repels dust without waxy buildup or discoloration.

Available size: 22 oz Spray

This product can be used full strength or diluted with equal parts water. Apply directly to surface to be cleaned or spray onto clean cloth and apply. Buff surface until slippery with a clean, dry cloth. Do not use on floors as it creates a very slippery surface.

Ingredients: Made from food-grade organo-silicon, renewable plant-based surfactants (from soy, coconut, palm kernel oil, or corn), and citrus solvent.

Contains NO toxic petroleum solvents.

Contains NO OSHA-listed hazardous ingredients or known carcinogens.

Not tested on animals.

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