Dish Soap

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Dish Soap
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Dish Soap

A high sudsing and super concentrated Natural Dish Soap. Restore contains aloe vera to relieve irritated, chapped skin and promote healing. Also, outstanding for hand washables!

Add a small amount to build desired suds while water is running. Wash dishes in customary manner and rinse with hot water. Change water as needed.

Fine Fabrics: Use cold water, add 1 tablespoon per quart of water, soak article to be cleaned, rinse with cold water and roll press remaining water out of fabric.

Ingredients: Made from renewable plant-based surfactants (from soy, coconut, palm kernel oil, or corn), plant-based solvents (from soy and/or orange rind oil), abundant minerals and water.

Contains NO OSHA-listed hazardous ingredients or known carcinogens.

Contains rapidly biodegradable ingredients that are gray water, sewer and septic safe.

Not tested on animals.

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