Juliana Mini

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Mini Greenhouse 1

Ideal for tight growing spaces! The Mini Greenhouse is designed for growers with limited space and attaches easily to an existing wall, garage, barn or shed.

The Juliana Mini or Lean-To series is unique because they are sheltered on one side, which helps maintain extra heat during colder months. Perfect for extending the growing season!

Unique Features:
• 4 mm double-wall (3/32″) polycarbonate panels
• Aluminum frame with downspouts and gutters
• Single sliding door for easy access
• 1 adjustable roof vent for plenty of air flow
• Galvanized steel base (sold separately)
• 12-year warranty

Available Sizes:
Mini-2 – 4′ 3″ W x 2′ 2″ D x 6′ 5″ H
Mini-3 – 6′ 3″ W x 2′ 2″ D x 6′ 5″ H (shown)

(Shipped FREE when ordered with any Juliana Greenhouse)

Univent Automatic Vent Opener
Allows solar-powered control of top or side mounted window vents. Univent has an adjustable opening temperature of 60-75° Fahrenheit and an 18″ maximum opening which is reached at approximately 90° Fahrenheit. Lifting capacity is 15 lbs.

Galvanized Steel Base
A strong and level foundation is essential for any greenhouse. Cut exactly to size, a Juliana Steel Base adds 4.5-inches to the overall height of the building giving extra headroom. Anchor stakes are included.

Shade Cloth
Premium shade cloth with lock-stitch construction resists tearing, fraying and sagging. UV-stabilized. Will NOT fade, mold or mildew. Designed to cover the outside of the greenhouse using locking clips, rope and ground stakes.

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