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Massage & Body Oil 1

Made with pure olive oil and scented with only the finest essential oils, these exotic Body Oils can be used all over and are great for massage. Pick up a bottle or two… `cuz, your body’s gonna love them!

Available in 5 scent sensations, including Naked (unscented).

Bella Rosa – Best described as rich, warm and sweet!

Cinnamon Spice – And every thing nice! Spicy in scent and warming to the skin.

Ocean Mist – A clean scent that is both cooling and invigorating.

Orange Ginger – A spicy and warm scent that will leave you rejuvenated from head to toe.

Naked (Unscented) – Contains nothing but pure, unadulterated ingredients. Nothing else!

Available size: 8 oz Squeeze Bottle

Apply after shower, bath or when you simply feel the need to indulge.

Ingredients: 100% pure olive oil and essential oil.

Purchase by the case and save! Please call 1-800-289-6656 for pricing.