Liquid Karma

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Liquid Karma
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Liquid Karma

Plant Growth Stimulant. Botanicare Liquid Karma contains a full complement of metabolically active organic compounds not found in regular plant foods or supplements. These unique compounds are absorbed immediately and act as regulatory signals, activators or catalysts to produce synchronized and accelerated growth under all conditions.

Liquid Karma functions as a plant growth engine because its high metabolic activity produces a large amount of energy which is immediately transformed to growth. Will improve the taste and smell of plants, too!

Feed Chart (PDF)

Effective in soil container gardens, hydroponics, transplanting, propagation and tissue culture.

Mix 1/2 – 1 oz. per gallon of water. For best results, use with every watering.

Ingredients: Kelp seaweed extract.

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient:
0.50% Humic Acid derived from Leonardite
0.01% Yucca Extract