Lime Eater

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Lime Eater

No scrubbing…really! Descale-It Lime Eater transforms and softens hard, crusty lime deposits into a soft paste that wipes and rinses away easily. Removes lime and calcium buildup, soap scum, water spots and rust without fumes or harsh mineral acids. Lime Eater is great for cleaning showers, tubs, sinks, fixtures and glass soiled by frequent contact with water.

Unique Features:
• Natural lime scent — NO fumes!
• Certified 100% biodegradable
• Removes lime deposits
• Removes hard water stains
• Removes rust stains

Available size: 22 oz Spray

Spray on and let soak to soften scale deposits. Wipe and rinse.

Note: Allow 5 minutes for soap scum and light scale deposits, longer for heavy scale deposits.