Crisp Mint

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Lettuce, Crisp Mint
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Mild, sweet and crunchy! Crisp Mint is a large romaine-type lettuce with 10-inch heads is a standout in the salad garden. Mint-green outer leaves surround crystal-white hearts. (60-65 days)

Each packet contains approximately 25o seeds.

Planting Instructions:
Lettuces require cool temperatures to grow well. In hot climates, sow spring and fall crops. In cooler climates lettuce may be grown through the summer months, as well as spring and fall. Rich, moist soil is required. Plants will benefit from a few hours of afternoon shade in hot weather, full sun at other times. Succession plant from early spring until very late summer. Sow seed directly on the soil surface and rake in lightly (barely cover). Thin gradually, enjoying the thinnings in early salads.

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