Aerator Sandals

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Lawn Aerator Sandals

Lawn Aerator Sandals loosen hard, compacted soils one step at a time! Furnished with 26 – 1 1/2″ steel spikes, these sturdy shoes¬†breath new life into soil. Creates open air passages to help get water, air and nutrients down to the root zone. Works great to control grubs, too! One size fits all.

Note: Studies have shown that Lawn Aerating Sandals (aka The Spikes of Death) are equal to or more effective than some insecticides for controlling Japanese beetle grubs. Researchers reported killing 56% of the grubs by walking over plots of lawn 3-5 times.

Gower’s Tip:
Aeration is standard practice for organic lawn care. Aerating a lawn means supplying the soil with air, usually by poking holes in the ground. It reduces soil compaction and helps control thatch in lawns while allowing fertilizer and water to move more freely into the root zone.