Ceramic Crock

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Kitchen Compost Crock

The perfect container for collecting food waste intended for composting! With our Kitchen Compost Crock there’s no need to run out to the backyard bin after each meal – just lift the lid and toss-in table scraps, including vegetable peels, egg shells and coffee grounds. A charcoal filter (included) in the lid eliminates odors for up to 6 months.

Unique Features:
• Attractive ceramic looks great in the home
• Stores food scraps for composting
• Includes a charcoal filter to keep food waste odorless
• Sturdy stainless steel handle
• Capacity: 1-gallon
• Size: 8″ x 10.5″ tall

Available in white, black or red. Replacement filters (2-Pack) sold separately.

Don’t forget to purchase 100% compostable BioBags to line your kitchen container. Made with GMO-free corn and containing no polyethylene, they can be thrown in your backyard pile where they will biodegrade as naturally as the food scraps they contain. Each box contains 25 full-sized (17″ high x 18″ wide) 3-gallon bags.