Kitchen Carrier

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Kitchen Compost Container

Make fewer trips to the backyard pile! Ideal for storing food scraps, the Kitchen Compost Container comes with a built-in activated charcoal filter to absorb nasty odors. Features an extra wide opening for easy emptying of plates. Sits nicely on the kitchen counter or may be hung inside the cupboard door.

Unique Features:
• Dishwasher safe
• Extra wide opening makes it easy to empty plates
• Carbon filter (included) eliminates odors
• Capacity: 9.6 quarts
• Size: 8.5″ x 11″ tall

Charcoal filter (included) should be changed every six months. Replacement filters (3-Pack) sold separately.

Don’t forget to purchase our 100% biodegradable compost pail liners. Made with GMO-free corn and containing no polyethylene, they can be thrown in your backyard pile where they will compost as naturally as the food scraps they contain. 3-gallon bags (17″ high x 18″ wide).