HydroHut 4 x 8

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HydroHut Silver Edition (4 x 8) 1

Blazing a trail of portable grow rooms across America! With the Silver Edition HydroHut 4 x 8 you can add any hydroponic system of proper size, pack in soil pots or arrange orchid baskets, with plant spacing and quantity up to you.

Perfect for T-5 fluorescents or high intensity discharge (HID) lights (suggested light wattage – 2 x 600w or 2 x 1000w) and includes plenty of air vents so you can cool your mini-greenhouse and your light(s) separately… and still have some vents leftover!

Unique Features:
• Sturdy flaps around the doors (4) and side windows (2)
• Velcro insures that they are light-tight
• Steel poles (16 mm ) and corners for added strength
• High quality outer material — will NOT rip!
• More sewing and material in crucial areas
• More air vents (5) and electrical ports (5), plus side windows (2)
• Built-in flanges will accommodate ducting from 4 to 8-inches
• Maximum ceiling capacity 125 lbs

Size: 55″ x 110″ x 84.5″ tall

Assembly Directions – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Growing in a HydroHut is not the same as growing in your house. Atmospheric values, temperature and humidity act differently in an all plastic environment. Therefore, passively cooling these units is a very bad idea! Intake and exhaust vent holes are included for good reason — take advantage of them!