HydroHut Silver Edition (4 x 8)

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Silver Edition 4 x 8

HydroHut Silver Edition (4 x 8) 1

Blazing a trail of portable grow rooms across America! With the NEW Silver Edition HydroHut you can add any hydroponic system of proper size, pack in soil pots or arrange orchid baskets, with plant spacing and quantity up to you.

Perfect for T-5 fluorescents or high intensity discharge (HID) lights (suggested light wattage – 2 x 600w or 2 x 1000w) and includes plenty of air vents, so you can cool the 4 x 8 mini-greenhouse and your light(s) separately… and still have some vents leftover!

Unique Features:
• Sturdy flaps around the doors (4) and side windows (2)
• Velcro insures that they are light-tight
• Steel poles (16 mm ) and corners for added strength
• High quality outer material — will NOT rip!
• More sewing and material in crucial areas
• More air vents (5) and electrical ports (5), plus side windows (2)
• Built-in flanges will accommodate ducting from 4 to 8-inches
• Maximum ceiling capacity 125 lbs

Size: 55″ x 110″ x 84.5″ tall

Assembly Directions – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Growing in a HydroHut is not the same as growing in your house. Atmospheric values, temperature and humidity act differently in an all plastic environment. Therefore, passively cooling these units is a very bad idea! Intake and exhaust vent holes are included for good reason — take advantage of them!