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Hydroguard Root Inoculant

It’s back! Botanicare Hydroguard contains Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, a natural bacterial root inoculant and water treatment that helps suppress and resist damping off diseases in soil and hydroponic gardens. Use with every watering — from seedling to harvest — to create a healthy, disease-free environment.

Unique Features:
• NEW formula is more effective than ever!
• Break down organic matter and improves root mass
• Will strengthen your clones’ roots and improve transplant survival
• Leaves NO toxic residue and does NOT produce slimy biofilms
• Improves root tissue production and efficiency
• Available in quart (32 oz) and gallon (128 oz) sizes


Hydroponics: Mix 2 ml per gallon and use with every watering during your entire growth cycle. Always allow nutrient solution to mix well before adjusting pH.

Soil: Prior to planting mix 1 oz with adequate water and apply to 30 lbs of potting soil.

Supplement Feed Sheet – PDF format