Humboldt Bloom Natural

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Humboldt Bloom Natural 1

A 100% Natural Base Nutrient. Humboldt Nutrients Bloom Natural (0-10-0) blends soft rock phosphate and kelp to give your plants the large phosphorus and calcium boost needed during the flowering period. When used in conjunction with Humboldt Nutrients feeding schedules, Natural Bloom will induce a superb flowering response in ALL plants, encouraging multiple flowering sites. This can produce a massive crop, a high quality yield and flavorful fruits.

Guaranteed Analysis (0-10-0):
Available Phosphate (P2O5) ….. 10.00%
Calcium (Ca) ….. 10.00%

May be used indoors or outdoors for ALL varieties of plants, such as flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, berries and shrubs.

General: Use at a rate of 5 to 10 ml per gallon of water.

Foliar: Use at a rate of 5 ml per gallon of finished spray solution.

Ingredients: Soft rock phosphate and kelp.

Also Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient:
2% Yucca Extract

Humboldt Nutrients Organic Feeding Schedule – PDF format