Hot Spot Spray

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Hot Spot Spray

Fast itch relief… without steroids! Developed by a veterinarian, this special combination of natural moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients soothes dry, flaky skin.

Vet’s Best Hot Spot Spray provides fast relief from itching, scratching and raw, sore, inflamed skin caused by flea allergy dermatitis, pollen allergies and other skin problems. Alcohol-FREE.

Spray directly on raw, inflamed, sore spots. Repeat 1-4 times daily as needed. If your dog suffers from flea allergies, spray the entire body daily or as needed. Avoid spraying near eyes.

After-bath: To relieve seasonal skin irritations from flea and pollen allergy dermatitis, mix 8 Tbsp. in 1/2 cup of water. After bathing, massage mixture into the hair coat. Do NOT rinse out! Avoid contact with eyes.

Ingredients: Tea tree oil, chamomile and aloe vera.

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