Conversion (MH to HPS)

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Hortilux Ultra Ace Bulbs

Hortilux Ultra Ace high intensity discharge (HID) conversion bulbs make it possible to run a high pressure sodium (HPS) lamp from your old school metal halide (MH) coir and coil ballast. Makes it easy to customize your grow light source to the growth stage of the plant. Made in the USA.

Unique Features:
• Ultra Ace conversion lamps are HPS lights that operate on MH ballasts
• Transforms a one-dimensional system into a complete growing system
• Provides optimum red spectral energy required for flowering
• Environmentally friendly (100% lead-free)
• Warranty: 1-year

Available Sizes:
220 Watt – 25,000 initial lumens, 2100K
360 Watt – 45,000 initial lumens, 2100K
940 Watt – 130,000 initial lumens, 2100K