Hortilux MH (1000W)

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Hortilux Metal Halide

Extend your season and imporve your growth rates with Eye Hortilux Metal Halide grow lamps. They provide the optimal spectral distribution for vigorous vegatative growth. Extreme care is taken to ensure spectral consistancy and unparalelled bulb longevity to give you the best bulb money can buy. Reward your plants with the light they need and see the results!

Unique Features:
• Fits all standard H.I.D fixtures
• Extended bulb life
• Ideal vegetative spectrum
• Universal burning position
• Made in the USA

Available size: 1000 watt

Technical Bulletin – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Use a Metal Halide grow lamp through the vegetative growth stage of a plant’s life-cycle and switch to a High Pressure Sodium bulb for the fruiting growth period.