High Pressure Sodium

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High Pressure Sodium Bulb

More light for your money! High Pressure Sodium Bulbs operate by igniting a mixture of gases within a sealed ceramic arc tube. HPS lamps emit light energy in the yellow-red-orange regions of the spectrum; the red spectrum stimulates flowering and fruit production.

Unique Features:
• Quality lighting at a budget price!
• One of the most efficient HID light sources available
• Lower energy costs — produces up to 130 lumens per watt!
• Saves money — up to 40,000 hour life
• Warranty: 1-year

250 Watt – 28,500 initial lumens
400 Watt – 50,000 initial lumens
600 Watt – 90,000 initial lumens
1000 Watt – 140,000 initial lumens

Grower’s Tip:
Many indoor gardeners switch to HPS when it is time to induce flowering or fruiting of their plants.

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