HID Light Controller (HPH-8)

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High Power HID Light Controller (HPH-8) 1

The Sentinel HPH-8 Light Controller makes it simple to operate your larger garden setups with multiple HID lights. In fact the HPH-8 can safely control up to 8000 watts of lighting from a single timer or controller.

Unique Features:
• A heavy duty relay turns the lights on and off by connecting the 15 foot 120 volt trigger cable to a controller or time clock.
• There are 2 Heavy duty 40-amp industrial contactors.
• 50 amp @240volt main power supply (3-wire #6 AWG cable).
• Comes with a wall mounting bracket.
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The HPH-8 has eight UNIVERSAL receptacles that accept either a 120 volt (Nema 5-15P) or 240 volt (Nema 6-15P) male plug from your HID ballasts. You provide a main power connection up to 50-amps to the HPH-8 and it does the rest!

Instruction Manual – PDF format
Wiring / Installation Guide – PDF format