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HEAVY 16 Prime

Sweetener, Enhancer & Microbial Feed. HEAVY 16 Prime (0-0-3) unleashes a garden’s scent, color, flavor, sugars and essential oils. Derived from 100% professional grade ingredients, this exceptional plant additive promotes vigor, lateral branching, and an explosion of beneficial fungi and bacteria.

Use throughout the entire life-cycle of your crop to establish microbial colonies, synergize compost teas, enhance vegetative vigor and optimize fruiting scent, flavor and appearance.

Vegetative Phase (growth) – Apply 1 ml per gallon (0.3 ml /liter) of water.
Early Bloom (weeks 1-3) – Mix 2 ml per gallon (0.5 ml /liter) of water.
Late Bloom (weeks 4 thru flush) – Mix 3 ml per gallon (0.8 ml /liter) of water.

HEAVY 16 Feed Schedule – PDF format
Visit the HEAVY 16 Nutrient Calculator here.

Guaranteed Analysis (0-0-3):
Soluble Potash (K2O) ….. 3.00%
Sulfur (S) ….. 0.12%
Iron (Fe) ….. 0.17%

Grower’s Tip:
• Not enough oxygen at the root zone is the leading cause of root death — ROOTS NEED OXYGEN!
• Plants should NEVER sit in stagnant nutrient solution — ensure proper drainage by tilting growing trays.
• Organic matter in your nutrient solution and trays can reduce oxygen levels — KEEP IT CLEAN!
• Always provide plenty of oxygen — plants should NOT have to compete for oxygen.
• High temperatures reduce a solutions ability to “carry” oxygen while increasing a plants need for oxygen.