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Advanced Nutrients HammerHead (2-4-10) is the strongest, most flower-enhancing PK formula you can purchase. Gives you the ideal phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) ratio so you get higher quality and massive flower growth.

Advanced scientists found that their competitors’ P-K formulas are made with too much phosphorus (13%) and not enough potassium (14%). Studies show this ratio is likely to create phosphorus toxicity that negatively affects your blooming plants. It also robs your plants of the generous amounts of potassium they need so they can give you the large harvests you desire.

Ingredients: Mono potassium phosphate and sulphate of potash.

Add Hammer Head to your reservoir at a rate of 1-2 ml per liter (0.75-1.5 tsp per gallon) one week after the start of the bloom cycle and continue using until one week before harvest.

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