Gypsy Moth

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Gypsy Moth Trap

Field researched and tested, the Safer Brand Gypsy Moth Trap uses a patented Biolure to quickly capture this destructive pest and disrupt its life-cycle. Lure lasts 12 weeks… trap lasts for years! Safe for families, pets and the environment.

Includes 1 trap and 1 lure, plus 2 bags. Replacement bait is sold separately.

For best results, hang traps in early spring. Pest moths are active from late April through August. Choose a tree where air current can circulate the attractant freely. Hang 4-5 feet off the ground in a tree or on a suitable stand. The south side of the tree is best.

Grower’s Tip:
For an integrated approach to pest control consider using with Tanglefoot Pest Barrier and spray tree leaves with Bt kurstaki (Bt-k).

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