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Hydroponic plant food. SuperNatural Grow Aqua (11-6-16) provides plants with a pure, readily available nutrient profile for fast healthy vegetative growth. Very rich in calcium and pH buffered for maximum nutrient uptake in both hydroponics and aeroponic applications.

Unique Features:
• Powder maintains freshness and extends shelf life
• Pure and concentrated — NO fillers
• Homogenized — Perfect nutrient profile every time!
• Contains all the necessary vitamins & hormones
• Dissolves instantly without leaving residue in tanks or lines
• pH buffered — Requires NO test equipment

Apply during vegetative growth. When seeds or cuttings show signs of roots till vegetative cycle ends.

Dissolve 1 tsp per 4 liters (1 gallon) of water.

Leach plants every week to ensure correct nutrient profile is maintained in your growing medium.

When room temperatures rise above 85°F, or plants show signs of stress, feed at half strength.

Terra Feeding Program – PDF format
Aqua Feeding Program – PDF format