Gro’Chek pH/TDS Meter (HI 981404N)

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pH/TDS Meter

Gro'Chek pH/TDS Meter (HI 981404N) 1

Compact and easy to install. HANNA Instruments Gro’Chek pH/TDS Meter is ideal for agricultural, horticultural and hydroponics applications where pH and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) need to be continuously monitored. Easy to use, just install over your nutrient reservoir for continuous measurement.

HANNA’s continuous meter includes a gel-filled pH electrode that features a waterproof sheath to protect it against humidity and vapors. Moreover, the unique design of the electrode provides longer life in aggressive solutions. The instrument is equipped with two large LCDs for easy-to-read measurements, even from a distance.

Unique Features:
• Compact and easy to install
• Waterproof
• Measures both pH & TDS with a single instrument
• Advanced electrode technology
• Easy operation and maintenance
• 12-volt power supply — NO more battery changes
• Warranty: 2-years (six months on electrode)

Size: 6.5″ wide x 4.3″ tall x 1.3″ deep

Instruction Manual – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Do NOT be alarmed if white crystals appear around the electrode protective cap. This is normal with pH electrodes and they dissolve when rinsed with water.