Gro’Chek Combo (HI 991404)

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Gro'Chek Combo

Gro'Chek Combo (HI 991404) 1

The Gro’Chek Combo (HI 991404) from HANNA Instruments continuously monitors the three most crucial nutrient parameters in hydroponic, greenhouse and horticultural applications. Includes a large, dual level, back-lit LCD to give instantaneous readings of pH, EC or TDS and temperature, even from a distance.

At start-up the Gro’Chek Combo performs a self-check to assure the instrument is working properly and includes automatic calibration and temperature compensation. A stability indicator and HOLD function lets you know when to take readings and freezes the display for easy recording. Warranty: 2-years (six months on electrode).

The HI 991404 ships complete with a non-clog double junction pH electrode and a rugged conductivity/ TDS sensor, 12 volt power transformer and buffer solutions 4 and 7 together with conductivity calibration solution.

Instruction Manual – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
To prolong the life of the pH electrode, we recommend cleaning it monthly by immersing it in HANNA’s cleaning solution (HI 7061) for half an hour. After-wards, rinse it thoroughly with tap water and recalibrate the meter.