GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator

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60 mL Bottle

GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator 1

Super Strength Concentrate. GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator is a highly concentrated, 100% organic plant nutrient supplement blended from pure plant oils and extracts — contains no toxic residues.

While not a fertilizer, it serves as an organic catalyst that will invigorate the natural blooming cycle of plants which in turn leads to larger yields and superior quality fruits and flowers. Inhibits a wide range of plant diseases, too!

Formulated for use with rockwool, sand, perlite and soil, it can also be used as a powerful foliar spray. Best when used in conjunction with other organic products.

Super Strength Concentrate has a phenomenal dilution rate of 15,000 to 1, a full 15 times stronger than the original formula and includes a plastic pipette (dropper) for accurate mixing. Packaged in a unique aluminum bottle that is vacuum sealed to assure potency.


Each 60 ml bottle of GreenFuse Bloom Stimulator treats over 225 gallons.

Hydroponics – Add to fresh nutrient solution at the rate of 1 ml per 4 gallons with each reservoir change. Use throughout a plant’s growth cycle.

Soil & Coco Peat – Add to tepid water at the rate of 1 ml per 4 gallons. Mix well and apply to the root area with each irrigation throughout the growth cycle.

Foliar Spray – Add to tepid water at the rate of 1 ml per 4 gallons. Mix well and spray over leaves weekly throughout the growth cycle.