GreenClean Tablets

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GreenClean Tablets

Algae prevention for water gardens & koi ponds. BioSafe Systems GreenClean Algaecide Tablets are similar to our granular formulation but in the convenience of a slow-release tablet. An alternative to toxic chemicals, Green Clean works through a powerful oxidation reaction, breaking down algae and other organic debris. Start the season by making applications early in the spring and keep them on hand to reapply all season long.

Unique Features:
• Ideal for preventing algae all-season
• Alternative to copper chemicals
• Adds oxygen to the water as it works
• No measuring required — just throw and go!
• Can be used in water containing live fish & plants
• Great for waterfalls — anywhere debris accumulates!

Available size: 3 lb Container

Ideal for use on water features such as fountains, koi ponds and water gardens. Apply 1 tablet per 200 gallons on a weekly basis.

Grower’s Tip:
Tablets work best when applied bi-weekly. When applying, distribute evenly throughout the pond.

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