Glass Cleaner (Ammonia-Free)

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Glass Cleaner (Ammonia-Free)
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Glass Cleaner Ammonia-Free 1

Biokleen Glass Cleaner instantly dissolves and lifts away the toughest grime on glass, chrome, stainless steel and other shiny surfaces. Provides crystal clear, streakless results … yet is absolutely safe for users and the environment! Gives off NO harsh fumes and is AMMONIA-FREE. Quart (32 oz) concentrate makes 16 gallons of spray.


Glass Surface: Spray directly on glass, chrome, mirrors, stainless steel and other shiny surfaces. Wipe rapidly with a clean lint-free rag or newspaper. Turn rag to a clean side while wiping dry. Repeat as necessary.

Squeegee Method: Dilute Biokleen with equal parts water. Apply with sponge or brush and squeegee off immediately.

Ingredients: Hard surface surfactants from coconut and/ or corn, linear alcohol from coconut, Kosher vinegar and filtered water.

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