Solexx Garden Oasis

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Garden Oasis Greenhouse
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Room for lots of plants! No other greenhouse on the market utilizes your growing space like the Garden Oasis. With over 76 square feet of steel-reinforced bench frames in the 8′ model, you can load your greenhouse with your favorite plants.

Steel-core hanging rods run the entire length to winter over your beautiful hanging baskets. In addition, the 3.5 mm insulated Solexx covering will help reduce your heating costs. This is our most popular greenhouse for a reason.

All Garden Oasis Greenhouse Kits come standard with a large louvered air vent and are covered with advanced double-walled Solexx Greenhouse Panels. The Oasis is also expandable, so if you outgrow your greenhouse you can easily expand it later.

Unique Features:
• Easy assembly — takes just a few readily available tools!
• Twin-wall 3.5 mm Solexx panels provide diffused light for optimal plant growth
• Easy flow louver
• Two-tier, steel-reinforced bench frames
• 2 steel-reinforced hanging rods

Sizes & Specifications:
8′ Greenhouse – 8′ W x 8′ L x 8′ H
12′ Greenhouse – 8′ W x 12′ L x 8′ H
16′ Greenhouse – 8′ W x 16′ L x 8′ H
24′ Greenhouse – 8′ W x 24′ L x 8′ H
8′ Extension – 8′ W x 8′ L x 8′ H

Grower’s Tip:
Heating costs can be reduced by using 5-gallon black plastic buckets filled with water and placed throughout the greenhouse. These will trap solar energy during the day and release it at night.

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