Fruit Fly

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Fruit Fly Trap

Eliminate pesky gnats from your kitchen with the Contech Fruit Fly Trap. A natural attractant entices these flying pests into the reusable container, where a disposable sticky pad ensures they do not escape. Safe to use around food, effective, and 100% pesticide free.

Unique Features:
• Uses proven attractant technology
• Catches 3x more than competing brands
• Easy to use – when the pad is full, simply replace it with a new one
• Eliminates without chemicals – 100% pesticide free
• Non-toxic — safe to use around people, pets and food

Each kit includes two catch jars, two lures and two sticky pads (lures lasts five days). Refill Pack includes 2 lures and 2 sticky cards (available separately).


Step 1: Open lid and remove contents.

Step 2: Remove lure from package and soak in water for 15 seconds. When finished, place inside the jar.

Step 3: Fold the card along score, sticky side facing into the fold. Open slightly and peel off the protective paper.

Step 4: Insert sticky card into jar with sticky side facing in.

Step 5: Close lid and place where pests are present, such as kitchen, or where produce is stored.

Step 6: Replace sticky card when full.

Step 7: Remoisten lure after 3 days and replace after 7 days.